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Forum Rules

Post by Say wuut. on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:10 pm

DO use the forum for:
To provide feedback in a constructive manner.
To report bugs or issues in the proper fashion.
To find friends to play online with or form clans.

DON'T do the following:
Post in an intentionally hostile fashion. Such as, but not limited to:
Rude, hateful, disrespectful or discriminating remarks.
Public and private harassment or accusations. (This includes "Name 'n Shame.)
Posting vulgar or lewd content of any kind.
Use of slang terminology that is found socially offensive and implies accusation or persecution.
Posting in any form of racist or sexist nature.
Post any form of spam. Such as, but not limited to:
Make posts that only contain quotes.
Post any iterations of non-meaningful replies such as one word, or extremely few words. Such as but not limited to, "No", "Go away", "Stop", etc.
Excessive usage of trending internet fads. (MEMES)
Post with the intent to disrupt the forums. Such as, but not limited to:
Participate in and or create flame/forum/console wars, mine-better-than-yours posts, versus threads, and forum riots.
Impersonate any and all forms of staff.
Excessively bump the same topic.
Post repeat topics without searching first or repost deleted content.
Post personal or private identifying / contact information of any member.
Advertise, ANYTHING.
Post sexually explicit or graphic images.
Use excessively long or annoying signatures.
Inquiry/Discuss about your warnings/reports/bans or those of other members in public threads. Message a moderator instead.
Farm accounts for any reason.
Participate in positive or negative "quote trains."
Post in threads that are considered spam.
Backseat moderate the forums. (Please report threads as you see them.)
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